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NaijaDownloads service is the easiest file sharing interface for everyone. Easy to use with many features. Registration is not required, but if you want to track your files, it is recommended that you register an account.

★ Your uploads up to 100MB per file
★ Drag and drop or just select file(s)
★ Autoupload
★ Progressbar and progress numbers
★ Uploaders can upload multiple files at once
★ You can register a free account with 1 TB of storage (you can create categories)
★ Fast upload and download speeds
★ Multiple languages
★ Files are stored for 90 days since last download
★ All file formats is supported
★ Share files via email
★ Group E-mail sending, up to 3 recipients at a time
★ Password protection available
★ Add description to uploads
★ Display Upload Speed, estimated and elapsed Upload-Time
★ The user interface is simple and very easy to use
★ And much more...

It's all completely FREE